How To Detox From Social Media

Even though social media is a great tool sometimes it’s good to take a break from it. Even a short time away from social media can make you more creative, more productive, and it can have a lot of health benefits too. So if you’ve been tired and stressed out lately here are some ways that you can take a short social media break each day to regroup and recharge:

Get On A Social Media Schedule

Sometimes when you’re on social media like Facebook or Twitter you can end up spending hours chatting with friends, watching videos, or checking the news. Then you look up and it’s three hours later and you haven’t gotten anything done that you wanted to get done. One way to break that pattern and give yourself time to get other things done is to set a social media schedule. Decide to check your social media accounts only at certain times of the day. Maybe you will decide to check it once in the morning, once before dinner and once during the evening. That way you can still stay in touch with friends and family without spending hours Tweeting or sending Facebook messages.

Turn Off The Tablet At Night

If you’re bored in the evening you may reach for your cell phone or tablet and play games or surf through social media. A lot of people do. But you probably notice that when you do that you have trouble sleeping. That’s because the light from the screens on your devices can keep you awake. So can the constant stimulation from social media. You can break that pattern by turning off your phone or tablet at the same time every night. Usually experts recommend that you turn off all your devices an hour before you want to go to sleep. Use that time to read or relax and unwind so that you’re ready to fall asleep.

Leave The Phone In The Car

If you’re going out to dinner, to a movie, or to watch your child’s sporting event leave your phone in the car. That way you won’t be tempted to post photos of whatever you’re doing and chat with friends on social media. Put the phone in your glove box or someplace that is it hidden and out of sight. Then go enjoy some time with your loved ones without your phone or tablet. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you will feel after just a couple of hours without browsing social media.

Plan A Phone Free Night Each Week

If you have trouble getting the family together to spend quality time with each other because everyone is so attached to checking their social media all the time choose one night a week and declare it a phone free night. Everyone will need to turn off their phones and tablets or put them in another room. Then you can plan a fun group activity like watching a movie, going to play miniature golf, or going on a bike ride. Getting outside and spending some time together as a family will make everyone feel better. It will also make your family relationships better. Don’t be afraid to get tough as a parent and demand that the kids put away their devices. They will survive one evening without checking Instagram every minute. So will you. Focus on your family even if you can only spend a few hours together one night out of the week. You will feel better and be more productive when you schedule time without social media at least one day per week.

Another way to detox your social media accounts is by only friending/following those of whom you know. Need help? Why not try a background check.

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